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beyCoo - Automatic Generation of Metadata in SharePoint 2010!

beyCoo for SharePoint is a cloud-service that enhances the capabilities of SharePoint 2010 in intelligent and automatic management of documents and content by using an automatic enrichment of suitable metadata. Whether importing data or creating SharePoint Lists and Site Pages, beyCoo generates suitable metadata that is tailored to individual needs of the enterprise. Our SharePoint 2010 plugin provides the intelligent entitiy extraction and relevant term finder to structure unstructured content in your company. The extracted metadata can be used as enterprise keywords, term store words or metadata attributes.
beyCoo for SharePoint integrates itself seamlessly into the process of creating and editing content in Sharepoint 2010. Furthermore it lightens the enrichment of qualitative metadata. Editors and employees can easily edit and add metadata.

Currently beyCoo for SharePoint is in Beta-Stage, but we are constantly striving to enhance our quality and service. Visit to get further information or convince yourself by testing our beyCoo demo

Register your free beta account at and process 10 documents per day.



UseCase: File import with automatic extraction of locations, persons, companies and corporate keywords

automatic extraction.PNG

UseCase: Terms can be added in the term store automatically.


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